The Mom Project

The Mom Project

Building a better workplace

The Mom Project connects a diverse network of talent with Fortune 500 and SMB companies in cities across the U.S. and Canada. But unlike other placement agencies, they encourage employers to offer a benefit that working parents need above all else—flexibility in their schedules. By advocating for new parents, they aim to shift office culture and ultimately build a better workplace for future generations.

The Mom Project approached us in need of a brand refresh and a UI and UX rehaul for their digital platform that felt as modern and progressive as their mission.

88% of working women consider flexibility to be as important, if not more, than salary.

Defining Our Users

Via stakeholder interviews, user research, and a thorough UX audit, we determined goals for both the talent and employer-facing portals. Increasing participation rates was a site-wide KPI, as was improving the quality of the matches between talent and employers. We also set out to make the talent-facing site more mobile-friendly for moms on-the-go, and to improve the experience for HR users by streamlining how they view and sort applications.

Users — Talent-side: Emplayed woman looking for new opportunities, new mother looking for part-time work, woman out of work force for 4+ years looking for full-time role.Users — Employer-side: Startup, small to medium business, enterprise

Flex Factors

At the heart of The Mom Project’s platform are flex factors, a series of preferences that prospective talent fill out during onboarding. By stating their commute limitations, travel preferences, and ideal schedule upfront, The Mom Project ensures that these parents can find jobs that fit into their lives, rather than adapting their busy lives around a job.

The Mom Project's Flex FactorsThe Mom Project's Flex Factors
The Mom Project's Flex FactorsThe Mom Project's Flex Factors
The Mom Project's Flex FactorsThe Mom Project's Flex Factors

Finding the Right Fit

After interviewing HR employees who use the employer side of the platform, it was clear that the inability to effectively browse applications was a major painpoint. We solved this by integrating features that allow HR users to sort and filter candidates, as well as schedule interviews directly through the platform. Additionally, we aligned the inputs from talent onboarding with the inputs from the employer job posting process to better streamline matches.

The Mom Project showcased on a tablet
UX elements

Finding the Right Fit

In order to further showcase the value of flexibility and respect in the workplace, The Mom Project created a proprietary algorithm that proves the monetary worth of their mission. We designed a data visualization model to serve as a consulting tool, allowing The Mom Project to capture more employer partnerships by demonstrating how improving flexibility, respect, and other factors in the workplace can directly impact their ROI.

The Mom Project Data Visualization

A Future-Forward Brand

The Mom Project aims to shed negative stereotypes associated with working moms, a sentiment that we brought to life via the new brand that feels fresh, techy, and gender-neutral.

The Mom Project business cards
“The Mom Project is determined to create a future where women aren’t forced to choose between their families and their careers.”
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“Want Your Business to Succeed? Hire Moms; the most overqualified talent stuck at the playground.”
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“This is a movement. Women want these issues solved."
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