Consumer Loyalty Through Corporate Activism

Our work with Patagonia—the industry leader in advocating for and protecting our environment—is driven by mutual interests and values. As a select agency servicing Patagonia’s marketing and digital solutions, we work to strengthen their unwavering vision and strategically extend their revolutionary ethos. It’s a more relevant approach to brand marketing that builds brand loyalty via consumer passion.

A floating banner reading '#CrudeAwakening' floats on the ocean, an oil rig in the background, with kayakers surrounding the banner.

We developed digital and video assets for “100% for the Planet” and won big—$10 million worth of funds raised for global environmental groups (and the biggest retail story of the year, in a single day).

100% for the Planet coverage by CNN100% for the Planet coverage by CNN

Fostering a community around civic activism and environmentalism is one of Patagonia’s primary goals, so we set out to carve a digital space to support and inspire the exchange of ideas.

The Cleanest Line Homepage
The Cleanest Line - A person skiing down a mountain.

We brought “The Cleanest Line” into a visually immersive platform where Patagonia and its consumers can publish content, share experiences, and rally support for environmental protection & civic engagement.

The Cleanest Line Atricle
The Cleanest Line mobile homepage
The Cleanest Line mobile author
The Cleanest Line mobile search result

Our straightforward yet alarming video asset for 2016’s “Vote Our Planet” initiative inspired Americans to protect our environment at the polls.

'It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.' -Ansel Adams
Vote Our Planet on The New York TimesVote Our Planet on The New York Times
  • 100% For The Planet
  • Black Friday Sales
  • Expected $2M, Actual $10M
  • Biggest Retail Story of 2016
  • 1M+ Social Views
  • #VoteOurPlanet
  • Active Engagement
  • 8M+ Social Views
  • Passionate Dialogue
  • 8K+ Comments
  • Earned Media
  • NYTimes, CNN, Fortune, HuffPo, NBC, Forbes, etc.
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