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Patagonia has never wavered from their core environmental ethics and actions. Not only are they committed to clean, limited-waste, cruelty-free manufacturing, but they’ve built an incredible network of grassroots environmental organizations that they support through their 1% For The Planet financial commitment.

But the 2016 election triggered something visceral in the organization, and they decided that the solution was to take proactive steps to protect public lands and the planet. It started with a lawsuit, but we helped them build something much bigger: Patagonia Action Works. It’s an app. It’s a brand. It’s a movement.

Patagonia Action Works’s success is best defined by the impact it has had on grassroots environmental groups since launch—enough so to rack up over 1 billion impressions within three months and get shortlisted for Cannes 2018 Sustainable Development Goals Lions.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Development Goals
D&AD Impact Awards
Graphite Pencil
Community & Interaction
Shorty Social Good Award
Shorty Social Good Award
Call to Action
Webby People’s Voice Award
Corporate Social Responsibility
Patagonia Action Works logo
Patagonia Action Works site on an Apple tablet and phone
Text reading &ldqou;More than 1000 environmental groups&rdqou; connected to &ldqou;more than 10 million Patagonia loyalists&rdqou; with a knot graphic.

What you can do with Patagonia Action Works

Patagonia Action Works Events
Find out about events happening in your area
Patagonia Action Works Petitions
Sign petitions connected to issues you care about
Patagonia Action Works Volunteer
Have a skill that an organization is looking for? Find out how to volunteer your time
Patagonia Action Works Donations
Donate money to local causes

We designed the mobile experience to be simple and empowering, the kind of thing our consumers will return to over and over again.

And a custom-built dashboard gives grassroots environmental groups the power, capabilities, and reach of a true enterprise fundraising or political tool.

Several Patagonia Action Works site screens on Apple phones
Various Patagonia Action Works screen designs

Our Approach

Patagonia Action Works

We analyzed consumer data and held workshops to understand how a platform like PAW would benefit both consumers and the brand.

Patagonia Action Works

We noted consumer needs and pain points, laid out our success metrics, and defined the key differentiators that would help us create a unique and compelling product.

Patagonia Action Works

Then we created a prototype as a proof of concept that was the starting point for our UX and development explorations.

Patagonia Action Works
UX Refinements

That led to a sitemap, wireframes and user flows, as well as the beginning of the branding and design process.

Patagonia Action Works

P.A.W. was built with battle-tested modern web technologies, with strong data protection on the back end and a clean, responsive front-end, no matter what the device.

Patagonia Action Works

Finally, we underwent additional user testing and development to improve, enhance and polish the final product.

The brand leverages app-forward aesthetics balanced with an appeal to a broad demographic of environmental groups. The design system is minimal and immediate, leaning on punchy typography and inspiring photography that pushes the plight of the environmental groups to the forefront.

Patagonia Action Works brandingPatagonia Action Works branding
Large painted murals on the sides of buildings with the Patagonia Action Works logo and highlighted slogans, like &ldqou;Volunteer your skills for our planet.&rdqou;
Four photographs of people assembled in Patagonia stores, a person on the Patagonia Action Works site on a phone, and branded stainless steel cups.
Statistics on impact 3 months after the launch of Patagonia Action Works: $1.1 million total value created; 1.2 billion impressions to date; 79500 meaningful advocacy actions; 4900 hours donated for high-value skills.
Several quotes pulled from various publishers: &ldqou;Few companies do sustainability like Patagonia, and its latest move to save the planet is proof that the company isn't slowing down in its good work.&rdqou; from Yahoo News; &ldqou;Patagonia is doubling down on its activist streak.&rdqou; from GQ; &ldqou;They’re walking the talk.&rdqou; from Forbes; and &ldqou;A bold attempt to broaden Patagonia's activism.&rdqou; from Fast Company.

As Patagonia’s primary brand agency, we’ve spent years helping them evolve their core values into programs that empower consumers and activists. And with Patagonia Action Works, they have a first-of-its-kind tool to change the world.

Activist Ecosystem
The Cleanest Line, Vote Our Planet, 100% For the Planet, and Patagonia Action Works– Patagonia's activist ecosystem, branded and built with Someoddpilot
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“Evil wins if we do nothing.
So do something.”

—Yvon Chouinard, Founder, Patagonia

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