Defined By You

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Interior Define disrupted the furniture industry in 2014, when they democratized high-end customization, putting consumers in the designer role when Pinterest-fueled interior design literacy was at its peak. After early robust growth, the challenger brand found itself being challenged within a category completely saturated with competitors all asking consumers to buy into their brand’s specific point-of-view.

In contrast, we crafted the “Defined by You” brand campaign based on the key insight that people today want to be in the driver’s seat, and select their brands as a form of self-expression. We empowered the audience to design one-of-a-kind furniture defined by their one-of-a-kind lives.

Interior Define
iphone casing
iphone casing
Facebook header for Interior Define's page, featuring a sectional and a mom & baby. The text reads, "defined by you".
Composite image of product photography. Four.Unique living room setups are defined by accents of character.


Customization is typically positioned as a functional benefit, but creating a sofa that fits into a physical space is just the first step. What’s actually enjoyable is designing the perfect sectional for movie nights, or choosing a fabric that is elegant but puppy-friendly.

By amping up the emotional benefits of customization, we increased the aperture of the brand—making the process less intimidating and more fun. “Defined by You” turns Interior Define into a digital showroom where consumers can articulate their individuality through their design decisions.

Composite of headlines, visuals, and furniture. Text reads: Defined By: Sunday fun-day, dining in, power naps, and more
Wheatpaste billboard with a bulldog named &ldqou;chunk&rdqou;, a list of synonyms for &ldqou;picky&rdqou; , and two living rooms featuring sofas


“The Defined By You campaign helped us reposition the value we provide to our wonderful customers, both new and old. Someoddpilot’s strategic insights helped us shape the campaign for maximum impact with our target consumer.”
Jill John,
Chief Customer Officer, Interior Define

Decreased customer acquisition costs


Increased open and click-through rates

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Increased Subscribe Rates

Icon of an arrow dropping
2 email marketing examples. One reads &ldqou;princess&rdqou; with a cat. The other reads &ldqou;little monster&rdqou; with a girl eating ice cream.


The campaign included a full makeover of the brand’s design system, voice, and tone, which manifested into refreshed branded assets across all key consumer touchpoints: in-store, digital, social, email and print. The new design system integrates distinctive, punchy colorways into the once-monochromatic brand identity, ensuring they stand out in the sea-of-sofa-sameness.

Interior Define's new brand guidelines booklet, featuring the hierarchy of their typefaces
A tablet and phone with Interior Define's homepage on-screen, both featuring a bulldog named "Chunk"

New lifestyle photography showcasing active children, furry cats and one particularly drooly bulldog plays up the sofas’ personality, durability, and value—qualities that didn’t show in the brand’s previous still-life portraits.

Composite Image of the in-studio photography and the hero shots taken of the sofas and furniture.

The tailor-made content strategy defines new themes for the brand that communicate our 1-of-1 sofas and 1-on-1 customer service. Creating comprehensive campaign guidelines, the suite of social assets, and design templates ensures the internal team can easily extend the campaign with cohesive visuals and messaging.

Social Themes

Diagram of social content themes, including Product Shots, Defined By Moments, Customization, Challenger Language, and more.
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