The James Dyson Foundation

James Dyson had to fail countless times before becoming a household name synonymous with world‑class vacuums, a fearless approach to engineering, and a voice that could soothe a crying baby. Today, he works to encourage that same relentless innovation among younger generations with The James Dyson Foundation and The James Dyson Award. We were tasked with creating the websites for both the foundation and the award—and we approached it with a determination that we hope would make Dyson proud.

Dyson Logo
James Dyson Foundation Logo
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Dyson Vacuum

Engineering Accessibility

The goal of the James Dyson Foundation is to make engineering more accessible and exciting for younger generations, and we designed the website with that idea in mind. After thorough research and a number of stakeholder and user interviews, we discovered that the website has an extremely diverse set of primary audience groups, which necessitated quick funneling of users so each group can easily find the section of the site they’re looking for, taking them to landing pages tailored to their needs.

James Dyson Foundation Homepage
Colorful CTA's quickly funnel the audience to the correct pathways.
James Dyson Foundation Homepage
Downloadable tools and resources are at the users' fingertips.
James Dyson Foundation Homepage
Attention-grabbing buttons encourage user-generated content.
A new set of icons were developed for use on both sites.
James Dyson Foundation Site on Mobile
Mechanical Arm Support Device

Passing the Torch

The James Dyson Award is an evolution of the James Dyson Foundation, and so too is its website. We repurposed the creative direction and structural elements of the foundation site to create a submission and voting backend that supports over 1,000 applicants a year. To appeal to an extremely design-savvy audience, we focused on clean, sophisticated elements to elevate the experience. The site includes a built-in registration and profile creation process, and showcases a gallery of past and present projects.

James Dyson Awards Homepage
James Dyson Awards Mobile
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