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Over the last three decades, Cirrus Aircraft has been a leader in innovative aircraft design, but has been limited to a single-city sales center as the primary entrypoint for purchase. They needed help elevating their website into a premium digital showroom for such a pinnacle product, one that could dynamically evoke the thrill of soaring through the air while providing all the details a pilot might need when considering a purchase. We solved the puzzle of making a private aircraft digital-first, creating an elevated, luxurious web experience that matches the sophistication, craft, and pioneering spirit of Cirrus, while capturing the essence of their pilots’ aspirational and adventurous lifestyle.

Cirrus site pages are displayed on three mobile devices, featuring the aircraft landing page, contact us, and training.
A screen capture from the aircraft landing page features Cirrus Vision Jet, SR22T, & SR22
iphone casing
A screen capture of the customization section shows both exterior and interior custom options on desktop and mobile.
A Cirrus SR-22 is pictured flying mid-air against a Southern California Beach sunset, with a nearby boardwalk.


Unlike most white-glove, high-end sites that feel stodgy, we positioned the Cirrus site as a modern digital clubhouse selling not just a high-end product, but a high-end lifestyle. That required getting into the minds of our consumers—a community of pilots who bond over their love of flight. We combined the spirit of a pilot bar with the amenities of an aviation club. The experience keeps our pilots’ heads in the clouds as they create their dream plane via the interactive customization tools, connect with others aviators, and even learn how to fly.

iphone casing
Three mobile screens showcase the Cirrus site's 3 main features: Products, Service, & Training


After mapping consumer journeys and architecting the site, we explored brand creative and storytelling through design. The site experience is future-forward and industry leading, invoking the liberation of flying in a private luxury jet while also showing attention to the technical detail our pilots expect. After launch, the digital showroom spurred evolution within the master brand visual identity, as the modular design system used within the fully-custom, flexible CMS platform now extends across their other marketing channels.

The interactive cockpit designed for the Cirrus site, which let you explore the craft from the pilot's perspective.
Examples from the Cirrus Brand Update, including new typography, iconography, UI elements, photography, and color systems.
A Cirrus SR-22 is pictured flying mid-air against a blue sky and puffy white clouds at sunrise.
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