Fit For

Brand Platform & Campaign


Chaco Z sandals are iconic and tough as hell. Originally built for running rapids, the product had fully saturated the outdoor market (they last for a decade or more) and needed to develop a new, more diverse fanbase. The goal was to evolve the brand from historically hardcore to authentically accessible for a consumer who embraces “adventure” very differently. The “Fit For _______” campaign makes a strategic pivot to show how these sandals are equally “fit for” river rats and city dwellers, hikes on mountain tops and parties on rooftops.

Composite image of the Chaco campaign. Text reads: "Fit for feeling wild, soaking it in, happy hours, second winds" and more.


Older generations drew a hard line between being “outdoorsy”... or not. Chaco-wearers… or not. We discovered that these new Gen-Z consumers were incredibly comfortable integrating Chaco products into their lives and looks in ways we had never envisioned. They truly thrive in the grey area. All we needed to do was hold up a mirror to how they were redefining adventure – and the brand – for themselves. Why fight the flow of the river when you can let it take you exactly where you need to go?

Product photography from the campaign, including Chaco sandals poolside, in the studio, while hanging with friends, etc.
Three example pages from the Chaco S20 Campaign Guidelines, across three tablets.


To tap into our target audiences’ activities and interests, the campaign is organized into key “edits”—ranging from wellness to summer camp to beach. The stories are cohesively linked through a tightened visual identity, voice/tone, and content strategy. The campaign launched through an epic anthem spot, a series of product videos, a mobile tour, a suite of social and digital assets, and a .com reskin.

Social Themes

Diagram of social content themes created for the campaign, including "Product Hero", "Adventure Lifestyle", & "Narrative"
Side-by-side shot of a woman sitting on a speaker, with her Chaco sandals and a mosh pit with someone wearing Chaco sandalsSide-by-side shot of a woman sitting on a speaker, with her Chaco sandals and a mosh pit with someone wearing Chaco sandals
Composite image of lifestyle Chaco product photography, featuring models doing yoga, out in nature, post-hike, and more.
iphone casing
iphone casing
iphone casing
Three people sit on a rock in the middle of Joshua Tree at dusk. "#FItForAdventure" is repeated in the horizon behind them.


“Someoddpilot breathed new life into our Fit For Adventure platform by building it into a versatile global campaign that’s a bridge between our historic outdoor consumer and our budding audience of VSCO girls. It allows us to connect with more diverse consumers in unique ways.”
Jamie Kirby,
Chaco Brand Creative Director

Exceeded expected Chillos ecomm sales


Sales to new consumers


Increased engagement on social channels

Wheatpaste billboard designed for the "Fit For Adventure" campaign featuring product photography, engaging copy, & more.
Chaco Zine designed for the "Fit for Adventure" launch, featuring core assets from the campaign.
Triumph print ad and the PWRRUN website

We anchored the campaign with the rollout of the all new Chillos— a casual slide designed for the unwind. Positioning the product in “post-adventure moments” authentically rooted the recreational sandal in the brand’s rugged DNA.

PWRUN+ ads advertising that it's “28% Lighter”
Lifestyle imagery including the sole of a shoe and a woman breathing cold air
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